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Hubert ohne Staller

Grimme-Preis 2022

Die Ibiza Affäre with Stefan Murr as Bastian Obermayer wins the Grimme Award in fiction.


The comedy at Bayrischer Hof presents the theater EXTRAWURST. Gerhard Wittmann takes over the role of Dr. Heribert Bräsemann.

Rosamunde Pilcher

Liebe ist die beste Therapie
Regula Grauwiller takes over the role of Eve Burton. Producer is FFP.

Jenseits der Spree

Laura Tonke takes on the role of Daniela Bajetzky in the second season of the TV series JENSEITS DER SPREE. It is produced by Network Movie.

Die Rosenheim Cops

Christian Lex takes over the role of Alfred Kraglinger in the ROSENHEIM COPS. Producer is Bavaria.

Die Chefin

Emilia Rupperti takes over the role of "Jasmin Kagerbaier" in the actual episode of DIE CHEFIN. Producer is Network Movie

Inga Lindström

Die Liebe der Anderen
Sebastian Winkler takes on the role of Gustav Sundelius in the current production of INGA LINDSTRÖM. It is produced by Bavaria.

The Search

Emre Erkmen is the camera man at the Disney project THE SEARCH Produced by Aydis Film ve Yapim A.Ş.