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Personal data

foreign languages: foreign languages: english
sports: soccer, skiing, ping-pong
musical instruments: piano
driving licence: driving licence: car


Das andere Kind
In the new ZDF film, Gerhard Wittmann takes on the role of the real estate agent Perzlmaier. Suki Maria Roessel is the director. The film is produced by Network Movie.

Gerhard Wittmann

Awards & Distinctions (Selection)

2021: Leberkäsjunkie

2014: Hattinger und die kalte Hand
nomination Goldene Kamera in the category Best TV movie

2010: Die Hummel
nomination First Steps Award // nomination Förderpreis Deutscher Film

Recent projects (Selection)

2023: Nord Nord Mord - Sievers und der Schuss aus dem Nichts
Television · Regie: Sven Nagel
Network Movie | ZDF

2023: Hubert ohne Staller
Television · Regie: Werner Siebert
Entertainment Factory | ARD

2023: Tatort München - Schau mich an
Bavaria Fiction GmbH | BR

2023: Polizeiruf 110 - München "Funkensommer"
Television · Regie: Alexander Adolph
Sappralot Productions GmbH | BR/ARD

2023: Das andere Kind
Television · Regie: Suki Maria Roessel
Network Movie | ZDF