Die Saat - Tödliche Macht

The series "Die Saat - Tödliche Macht" is now available in the ARD Mediathek and can also be seen on ARD next weekend: Saturday, 09.12 from 20:15, episodes 1-4 and episodes 5-6 will follow on Sunday, 10.12 from 22:15. Directed by Alexander Dierbach. Casting: Stefany Pohlmann. We wish you exciting entertainment!

Die Wespe

3. Staffel
The 3rd season of "The Wasp" is finally here! All 6 episodes are now available to watch on WOW. Bernd Tauber is on board as "Rollo Frotzke". Casting: Daniela Tolkien.


We are very pleased to have Maria Sophie Siegl as an actress with us from now on.


From now on we represent Béla Kampschulte as an actor with us. We are very happy!


Jacob Matschenz is currently in front of the camera for the ZDF comedy film. Produced by W&B Television. This is what it's all about: Three couples in their mid to late thirties arrange to meet in a supposedly intimate setting. No one really wants to meet up again, because a previously unresolved conflict had all but broken up the former clique a long time ago. Casting: Michael Ludwig, ZDF.


The six-part thriller series will be available in the ARD Mediathek from 25.11.2023. The German-Austrian star cast includes Michou Friesz. Casting: Mai Seck.

Polizeiruf 110 - Paranoia

This year's TeleVisionale - Film and Series Festival Baden-Baden starts on November 25. BR-POLIZEIRUF 110: PARANOIA with Stephan Zinner has been nominated for both the Television Film Award 2023 and the 3sat Audience Award 2023. Casting: Franziska Aigner.

Jupiter Award

You can vote for the best from cinema, streaming & TV from the 4th quarter of 2023 from twelve categories, and the films, series and actors with the most votes will be included in the Jupiter Award year-end poll. The choices include "Die Theorie von Allem" with Gottfried Breitfuss as Best Film (Cinema) National, "Wir haben einen Deal" with Johanna Bittenbinder, Heinz-Josef Braun, Sebastian Jehkul and Sebastian Fritz in the category Best Film (TV, Streaming) National and as Best Series National: "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern" with Johanna Bittenbinder and Gerhard Wittmann. Wer would like to vote, you can do so at www.jupiter-award.de.

Günter Rohrbach Filmpreis

Laura Tonke was honored with the Günter Rohrbach Film Award 2023 in the category "Best Actress" for her performance in Joachim Meyerhoff's "Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war". The award ceremony took place in Neunkirchen.

Himmel, Herrgott, Sakrament

The new six-part series by Franz Xaver Bogner can be seen in the ARD media library, with Stephan Zinner in the leading role of Pastor Hans Reiser. Casting: Daniela Tolkien.

Weihnachtspäckchen... haben alle zu tragen

The shooting of the episodic Christmas TV film took place at the beginning of the year. Jacob Matschenz has taken on one of the main roles here. Also taking part: Corinna Binzer as Verena. Casting: Marion Haack. The movie can be seen on 3 December in ZDF Mediathek.