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The Seed

Filming for the TV series has started. Alexander Dierbach is directing. It is being filmed on behalf of ARD/Degeto.


Filming for SEELAND begins in May and Pirmin Sedlmeir takes on the role of "Jackie"

Die Rosenheim Cops

Gerhard Wittmann will soon take on the role of Karli Schlickenrieder in the ZDF series. The film is produced by Bavaria Fiction.

Sterben lernen

Gottfried Breitfuss begins filming STERBEN LERNEN. A production of Heimatfilm Köln. He takes on the role of PAWEL KAISER

Die Rosenheim Cops

In der ZDF Serie übernimmt Roland Schreglmann die Rolle des Ludwig Reichl. Produziert wird von der Bavaria Fiction.

Ein Sommer auf Kreta

Despina Pajanou is in the middle of filming EIN SOMMER AUF KRETA. She plays the role of "Sofia". Ariane Krampe Film produces the TV series for ZDF

Kranitz - Bei Trennung Geld zurück

Laura Tonke plays Astrid in the Florida Film production. The TV series will be broadcast on ARD.

Unterm Apfelbaum

Meine Mutter und die Gerüchteküche

In the popular ARD Degeto series, Hannes Hellmann takes on the role of Mathias Lange. Bettina Schoeller Boujou directs the series, which is produced by Bantry Bay.

Der Bozen Krimi

Folge 17+18
Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart is back as Peter Kerschbaumer. The film is produced by MERFEE Film-und Fernsehproduktion GmbH for ARD/Degeto.

Marie fängt Feuer

Stefan Murr is in front of the camera for two more episodes of the ZDF series.

Watzmann ermittelt

Roland Schreglmann has an episode role at WATZMANN ERMITTELT

Marie fängt Feuer

Sebastian Fritz takes on the role of the village policeman in the current episodes of MARIE FÄNGT FEUER. Made For Film produces for ZDF.