Seriencamp Festival 2024

‘30 Tage Lust’ has won the Audience Award at Series Camp 2024. Congratulations to Carolina Zimmermann and Karla Cristóbal and the entire team.

Marie fängt Feuer

Filming is currently running for new episodes of the ZDF series. Matthias Kiefersauer is directing 2 episodes. Sebastian Fritz is back as village policeman Fritz Engel. In addition, Christiane Bärwald and Sebastian Winkler each take on an episode role. Casting: Franzi Aigner.


We are very pleased that we are now able to represent Philipp Straetker as director: Philipp was awarded the German Camera Prize last week for the fast-paced editing of the series pilot ‘Gastrogötter’, which he also directed himself.

Neues deutsches Kino

Filmfest München 2024
This year, "Klandestin" ( script and director Angelina Maccarone) is celebrating its premiere as part of the "New German Cinema" series. Angelina already received the Lola for Best Unfilmed Screenplay in 2017. The film "Sonnenplätze" by Maverick Film ( script: Aaron Arens and Lukas Loose) will also be screened.

Viktor bringt's

Neue Serie
As a true Berliner and thoroughbred service technician, Viktor Kudinski is always right - at least if he has his way. The new series starts on Prime Video on 30 May. With him: Jacob Matschenz.

Maxton Hall

Die Welt zwischen uns
The time has finally come! With "Maxton Hall - The World Between Us", Prime Video has adapted the bestseller "Save Me" by Mona Kasten. All 6 episodes of the first season can now be streamed on Amazon Pime Video. Clelia Sarto was allowed to take on the role of "Cordelia Beaufort". Casting: Emrah Ertem

Neues deutsches Fernsehen

Filmfest München 2024
We are very happy that the work of our directors will be represented in the "New German Television" section at the Munich Film Festival 2024. On the one hand, "Nichts mehr wie es war" (directed by Lars Jessen and Jan Georg Schütte) and "Tödliche Schatten" (directed by Alexander Dierbach).

Alles Fifty Fifty

Laura Tonke has taken on the leading role, alongside Moritz Bleibtreu, in the new movie by Alireza Golafshan. The film will be released in 29.08.2024. Casting: Daniela Tolkien.