Neues deutsches Kino

Filmfest München 2024
This year, "Klandestin" ( script and director Angelina Maccarone) is celebrating its premiere as part of the "New German Cinema" series. Angelina already received the Lola for Best Unfilmed Screenplay in 2017. The film "Sonnenplätze" by Maverick Film ( script: Aaron Arens and Lukas Loose) will also be screened.

Viktor bringt's

Neue Serie
As a true Berliner and thoroughbred service technician, Viktor Kudinski is always right - at least if he has his way. The new series starts on Prime Video on 30 May. With him: Jacob Matschenz.

Marie fängt Feuer

2 Folgen
Matthias Kiefersauer is directing two new episodes of the popular ZDF series this year.

Marie fängt Feuer

New episodes of the popular ZDF series "Marie fängt Feuer" are currently being filmed. Christiane Bärwald, Sebastian Winkler and Sebastian Fritz as "Fritz Engel" are among those in front of the camera.

Seriencamp 2024

We are very happy that the series "Bad Influencer", directed by Melanie Waelde and Lilli Tautfest, and "30 Tage Lust", scripted by Karla Cristóbal and Carolina Zimmermann, among others, are celebrating their premiere at the series camp. Tom Beck has taken on a small guest role. The festival kicks off with the long-awaited RTL series "Ich bin Dagobert", starring Clelia Sarto and others, on 5 June 2024 in Cologne.

Maxton Hall

Die Welt zwischen uns
The time has finally come! With "Maxton Hall - The World Between Us", Prime Video has adapted the bestseller "Save Me" by Mona Kasten. All 6 episodes of the first season can now be streamed on Amazon Pime Video. Clelia Sarto was allowed to take on the role of "Cordelia Beaufort". Casting: Emrah Ertem

Neues deutsches Fernsehen

Filmfest München 2024
We are very happy that the work of our directors will be represented in the "New German Television" section at the Munich Film Festival 2024. On the one hand, "Nichts mehr wie es war" (directed by Lars Jessen and Jan Georg Schütte) and "Tödliche Schatten" (directed by Alexander Dierbach).

Camgaroo Award 2024

In the category "Sci-Fi/Mystery", "S/N:05" with Sebastian Jehkul won. The prize in the "Feature Film" category went to "Hundswut" with Corinna Binzer, Sepp Schauer and Max Schmidt. Congratulations to all the winners.

Polizeiruf 110

Team Blohm and Eden (Stephan Zinner) are back again to investigate. A former administration building has burnt down. A charred body has been found in the rubble. And nobody knew the dead woman. Detective Chief Inspector Cris Blohm and her colleague Dennis Eden try to solve the mystery of the dead woman. Alongside Stephan Zinner, Gerhard Wittmann has taken on the role of "Mr Busch" in this episode. The episode can be seen on 26.05.2024 at 20:15 on ARD. Translated with (free version)

Grüsse vom Mars

The film won the ECFA Award in the categories "Best International Feature Film" and "Best European Children's Feature Film". The film was directed by our own Sarah Winkenstette.

Kafka, Otto, Huber

Mira Huber in "Kafka, Otto, Huber" at the Hofspielhaus in Munich. The premiere was a great success. The Münchner Merkur commented: "But the great discovery of the evening is Mira Huber. In view of her fine and precise acting, her name should be well remembered."

Die Rosenheim-Cops

Staffel 23
24 new episodes of the popular ZDF series are currently being produced. The Bavarian detectives from the foothills of the Alps will not let up and will continue to investigate with a clear-up rate of 100%, including Bavarian humor and charm. Dieter Fischer and Sarah Thonig are back again.

SOKO Stuttgart

The 16th season of the early evening series is being produced in the Swabian metropolis. The new episodes are scheduled to air in fall 2024. Sina Wilke is involved in one episode in an episode role.


Shooting has started on Fatih Akin's new feature film, starring Laura Tonke and Lars Jessen, among others. The film is due to be released at the end of September 2025.

Club der Dinosaurier

Shooting of the six-part high-end comedy series by Nils Gutenhofen and Lutz Heineking jr. has started. The series is being produced by Syrreal Entertainment, eitelsonnenschein and CBS Studios. Tom Beck will take a guest role.

30 Tage Lust

The series follows the couple Freddy and Zeno. A spontaneous experiment puts their long-standing relationship to the test: Freddy and Zeno agree to have sex with whomever they want for 30 days. Karla Cristóbal and Carolina Zimmermann were among those in the Writers Room. The series was already represented at Series Mania 2024.


Shooting for 6 new episodes of the ZDF series has started in Bayerischzell. Hannes Hellmann is taking part again.

Notruf Hafenkante

In Hamburg und Umgebung entstehen derzeit 25 neue Folgen der 19. Staffel der ZDF-Polizeiserie "Notruf Hafenkante" mit Hannes Hellmann.

Jenseits der Spree

4. Staffel
The 4th season of the crime series is set in the Berlin district of Köpenick and is based on a script by Etienne Heimann. The latest case, "Dunkelfeld", is particularly complex. The clever crossover case, which was already filmed last year, takes the audience from the fourth season of "Jenseits der Spree" to the 15th season of "Chefin". Directed by Christoph Ischinger from a screenplay by Etienne Heimann ("Jenseits der Spree") and Alexander Costea from a screenplay by Peter Kocyla ("Die Chefin").

FFF Bayern

The FFF Bayern has made its decision. Among others, material development funding to Kathrin Anna Stahl, together with Christian Knie, and Nordpolaris for the drama "Zweihundervierundfünfzig Meter". We are very happy for you! Congratulations!

Alles Fifty Fifty

Laura Tonke has taken on the leading role, alongside Moritz Bleibtreu, in the new movie by Alireza Golafshan. The film will be released in 29.08.2024. Casting: Daniela Tolkien.