Lost in Fuseta

The exciting ARD crime series enters the next round on 4.04 and 6.04 at 8.15 p.m. and once again impresses with its visually stunning and extraordinary production. The director is Felix Herzogenrath. It is produced by 307 Production GmbH.

Die Rosenheim-Cops

Drehstart Winter-Special
The 90-minute winter special "Totholz" of the "Rosenheim Cops" has been in production in Rosenheim, Munich and Bavaria Studios since mid-February. The cast includes Dieter Fischer as Inspector Stadler, Sarah Thonig as Mrs. Lange and Kathrin Anna Stahl as Sandra Schmidbauer.


Kinostart und Kinotour
The film will be released in cinemas on March 6, 2024. Also taking part: Corinna Binzer, Sepp Schauer and Max Schmidt. The cast is also going on a cinema tour, including in Passau (13.03.2024) and Munich (09.04.2024).


We are very pleased to announce that Miriam Ohlmeyer is now representing us as an actress. Welcome, dear Miriam!

Ein Abend mit Eckhard Preuß

In his first solo program, Eckhard Preuß tells the story of a mature man who set off a long time ago from faraway East Westphalia to try his hand as an artist, far away from his beloved homeland, without knowing why.... without a plan... The evening thrives on playful anecdotes, sometimes raunchy memories and strangely touching songs, to which the artist accompanies himself stubbornly on the piano. Tickets for the premiere can be found at www.theater-drehleier.de

Spuk unterm Riesenrad

Following the DDR television series of the same name, a feature film about Tammi, Keks, Umbo and the three ghost train characters who have come to life will be released in cinemas for the first time on February 22. Atef Vogel can be seen as Dr. Sommerscheidt.

Die Neue und der Bulle - Ein Duisburg-Krimi

Plötzlich Bulle
In the new crime series, Charif Ounis can be seen as Tarik Bashar on RTL on February 13, 2024 at 8:15 pm.


The missing parents
This episode is about a couple who have disappeared and Hannes Hellmann plays the worried father.

Deutsches Fernsehkrimifestival

The crime series "Lass sie gehen" has been nominated in the category "FernsehKrimi-Preis" at this year's German Television Crime Festival 2024. Sebastian Fritz has taken on the role of Martin Gmähle. We congratulate the entire team and keep our fingers crossed for the award ceremony in March!


Corinna Binzer - vom Büro auf die Bühne
The well-known BR format enters a new round and portrays the exciting life of Corinna Binzer in an authentic and loving way.

Ein Krimi aus Passau

Gier nach Gold
Spannend wird es auch wieder in dieser Folge. Es geht um die Vergangenheit einer Familie die viele Fragen aufwirft. Thomas Schmauser ist als Hubert Höllrigl zu sehen. Ab sofort in der Mediathek und am 01.02.2024 um 20:15 Uhr in der ARD

Deutsches Fernsehkrimifestival 2024

The thriller series DIE SAAT - TÖDLICHE MACHT has been nominated for Crime Series of the Year at the German Television Crime Festival 2024. Directed by Alexander Dierbach. We are delighted and congratulate all the creatives involved, the actors and the entire team!

Prix Jeunesse International Munich

Juli tanzt
The ZDF/KIKA film has been nominated for Best Film in the Fiction category (7-10 year olds) at the world's oldest children's and youth television festival. The film was directed by Melanie Waelde.

Preis der dt. Filmkritik 2024

Gottfried Breitfuß is nominated for best actor for his performance in the movie "Die Theorie von Allem".

HFF München

Nicolas Wackerbarth was appointed professor for the cinema and television film directing course at the HFF Munich, where he heads the feature film directing department together with Julia von Heinz and Marcus H. Rosenmüller.

Grimme-Preis 2024

Die Nominierungen
The ZDF film "Wir haben einen Deal" with Johanna Bittenbinder, Heinz-Josef Braun, Sebastian Jehkul and Sebastian Fritz has been nominated for the 60th Grimme Prize 2024 in the Fiction category. We are delighted and keeping our fingers crossed!

Ein Krimi aus Passau

Time to pray
This exciting episode is about the sudden death of a lawyer in need of clarification. Xenia Tiling takes on the role of Detective Chief Inspector Hermine Grill. To be seen on 25.01.2024, at 20:15 on ARD and from 23.01. in the ARD Mediathek

Der Schmidt Max auf der Suche

In the new BR programme "Der Schmidt Max auf der Suche", Max Schmidt looks for answers to these questions on his journey through Bavaria, where he meets people who not only tell him their definition of happiness, adventure, togetherness and time, but where Max always experiences something himself.

Fair Film Award 2024

This year's shortlist includes "München Mord: Die indische Methode", directed by Matthias Kiefersauer. The prize honours projects that place value on fair treatment of one another and a good working atmosphere. With the TV60 team, Sven Burgemeister, Marion Dany and Carli Morbach and many others, Matthias Kiefersauer has succeeded in doing just that.

Die Chefin

Determined by others
This time, the crime series is about a murder in connection with abortion. The cast includes Tommy Schwimmer, Xenia Tiling and Regula Grauwiller. To be seen, on 19.01.2024 at 20:15 on ZDF and in the ZDF Mediathek.

Sexuell verfügbar

Laura Tonke wird in dieser Mini-Serie, die den gängigen #MeToo-Skandal auf den Kopf stellt, ab dem 08.03.2024 in der ARD Mediathek zu sehen sein.

Die Toten vom Bodensee

Regula Grauwiller plays Marlene Wabinski, mother of a murdered daughter. To be seen on 15.01.2024 at 20:15 on ZDF and in the ZDF Mediathek.

Morden im Norden

Three Sisters
In this exciting family tragedy, Sina Wilke as Jana Sasse and Bernd Tauber as Joachim Wegemann can be seen on 15.01.2024 at 18:50 on ARD and now also in the ARD Mediathek.

Jupiter Award

Das Beste aus 2023
Until February 29, 2024, you can vote for the best from cinema, streaming & TV 2023 from twelve categories. The choices include Laura Tonke as Best Actress for "Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war", "Rehragout Rendezvous" with Max Schmidt, Gerhard Wittmann and Stephan Zinner as Best Film (Cinema) national, "Ein Schritt zum Abgrund", directed by Alexander Dierbach, in the category Best Film (TV, Streaming) national and as Best Series national: "Tage, die es nicht gab" with Sissy Höfferer.Anyone who would like to vote is welcome to do so at www.jupiter-award.de.

Die Chefin

The price of truth
Felix Hellmann can be seen as Volker Hersberg in the popular crime series on 12.01.2024 at 20.15 on ZDF.

Nord Nord Mord

Sievers und die fünf Fragezeichen
The episode is now available in the ZDF Mediathek. Gerhard Wittmann can be seen in the role of Gernot Steltzer.

Haus aus Glas

Der Wassermann
In this gripping and atmospherically narrated mini-series about a family in a state of emergency, Sebastian Fritz can be seen in the role of Mäx on ARD on January 9, 2024 at 8:15 pm. Now also available in the ARD Mediathek.

Ostsee für Sturköppe

The carpenter Eva Jensen wants to make a completely new start on the Baltic Sea. The movie is now available in the ARD Mediathek. The film was directed by Joana Vogdt.


A Wiesn Gschicht
Titus Thalhammer (Dieter Fischer), a long-established showman and Ferris wheel owner, fights together with his fellow showmen against the beer barons and Oktoberfest landlords, who are closing in on them more and more on the Wiesn grounds. Now available in the ARD media library.

Die Rosenheim-Cops

The Rosenheim cops are investigating again tonight in feature length! The winter special "Ein eiskalter Mord", on December 27, at 8:15 pm on ZDF and in the ZDF Mediathek.Sarah Thonig as "Frau Lange" and Dieter Fischer as "Kommissar Stadler" are there when a multi-day curling tournament makes headlines in Rosenheim:The rich and famous play for a good cause. But then the event is overshadowed by a gruesome crime.


Stories become songs - Eckhard Preuß' new solo play can be seen on January 12 and 13 at the Drehleier in Munich.

Davos 1917

The time has finally come! The broadcast dates are just around the corner: from December 17 at 8.05 p.m. on SRF 1 and from December 15 on Play SuisseOn December 20 & 21 at 8.15 p.m. also on ARD and in the ARD Mediathek.Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart can be seen as Peter Gabathuler. It was produced by Letter Box Filmproduktion and Contrast Film. By Revolve Casting.

Die Saat - Tödliche Macht

The series "Die Saat - Tödliche Macht" is now available in ARD Mediathek. Directed by Alexander Dierbach. Casting: Stefany Pohlmann. We wish you exciting entertainment!

Die Wespe

3. Staffel
The 3rd season of "The Wasp" is finally here! All 6 episodes are now available to watch on WOW. Bernd Tauber is on board as "Rollo Frotzke". Casting: Daniela Tolkien.


We are very pleased to have Maria Sophie Siegl as an actress with us from now on.


From now on we represent Béla Kampschulte as an actor with us. We are very happy!


Jacob Matschenz is currently in front of the camera for the ZDF comedy film. Produced by W&B Television. This is what it's all about: Three couples in their mid to late thirties arrange to meet in a supposedly intimate setting. No one really wants to meet up again, because a previously unresolved conflict had all but broken up the former clique a long time ago. Casting: Michael Ludwig, ZDF.


The six-part thriller series will be available in the ARD Mediathek from 25.11.2023. The German-Austrian star cast includes Michou Friesz. Casting: Mai Seck.

Jupiter Award

You can vote for the best from cinema, streaming & TV from the 4th quarter of 2023 from twelve categories, and the films, series and actors with the most votes will be included in the Jupiter Award year-end poll. The choices include "Die Theorie von Allem" with Gottfried Breitfuss as Best Film (Cinema) National, "Wir haben einen Deal" with Johanna Bittenbinder, Heinz-Josef Braun, Sebastian Jehkul and Sebastian Fritz in the category Best Film (TV, Streaming) National and as Best Series National: "Gute Freunde - Der Aufstieg des FC Bayern" with Johanna Bittenbinder and Gerhard Wittmann. Wer would like to vote, you can do so at www.jupiter-award.de.

Günter Rohrbach Filmpreis

Laura Tonke was honored with the Günter Rohrbach Film Award 2023 in the category "Best Actress" for her performance in Joachim Meyerhoff's "Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war". The award ceremony took place in Neunkirchen.

Alles Fifty Fifty

Laura Tonke has taken on the leading role, alongside Moritz Bleibtreu, in the new movie by Alireza Golafshan. The film will be released in 07.03.2024. Casting: Daniela Tolkien.

Die Theorie von Allem

Timm Kröger's Venice contribution makes it onto the podium of the arthouse cinema charts. The film starring Gottfried Breitfuß has been in cinemas since October 26, 2023.

Big Shorts Award 2022/2023

The Big Shorts Award 22/23 in the category "Best Actor" goes to Jacob Matschenz für his role in the film "Schutzbefohlen" by Sebastian Urzendowsky.Congratulations, Jacob!

Laim 7

Laim und die toten Hosen
Gerhard Wittmann wird

Himmel, Herrgott, Sakrament

The new six-part series by Franz Xaver Bogner can be seen in the ARD media library, with Stephan Zinner in the leading role of Pastor Hans Reiser. Casting: Daniela Tolkien.

München Mord

Der gute Mann vom Herzogpark
On November 4, at 20:15, there will be a new episode of the series. The book for this was written by Matthias Kiefersauer and Alexander Liegl. Pirmin Sedlmeir has taken on the role of Paul Hamberger.

Wir haben einen Deal

This TV film tells the story of how an experience of abuse can leave a lasting mark on a person's life. Starring: Johanna Bittenbinder, Heinz-Josef Braun, Sebastian Jehkul and Sebastian Fritz. From 14 October in the ZDF Mediathek, on 20.10., at 20:15 on ARTE and on 23 October, at 20:15 on ZDF.

Inga Lindström

Sarah Thonig was shooting in for a new film in the series.

Die Whistleblowerin

The thriller starring Clelia Sarto, among others, is available in the ZDF Mediathek from 4 September and can be seen on 13 November, at 8:15 pm on ZDF.

Weihnachtspäckchen... haben alle zu tragen

The shooting of the episodic Christmas TV film took place at the beginning of the year. Jacob Matschenz has taken on one of the main roles here. Also taking part: Corinna Binzer as Verena. Casting: Marion Haack. The movie can be seen on 3 December in ZDF Mediathek.

Im Nebel

Alexander Dierbach is directing this ARD film. Hager Moss Film is producing.

Bad Influencer

Melanie Waelde directs together with Lilli Tautfest. The SWR series takes a satirical excursion into the world of influencers.

Der Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2023

"Lauchhammer - Death in Lusatia," with Jacob Matschenz, has been nominated for the deutschen Fernsehpreis in the "Best Multi-part" category.

Der Passau Krimi

Xenia Tiling will be back in front of the camera in September for "Ein Krimi aus Passau" and the role Hermine Grill.

Die Chefin

Folge 94,95,96
Alexander Costea directs 3 new episodes of the ZDF series. Eugen Gritschneder is in charge of the camera.

Bayerischer Poetentaler für Dieter Fischer

Dieter Fischer was honored last week with the "Bayerischer Poetentaler".The writers' association of the Munich Tower Writers awards the "Bayerischer Poetentaler" annually to personalities or institutions that have rendered outstanding services to Bavarian art and culture.

Hubert ohne Staller

In a new episode of the ARD series, Xenia Tiling takes on the role of Julia Dreier, Sina Wilke can be seen as Karla Prechtl, Christiane Bärwald plays Helene Brammer and Sebastian Winkler takes on the role of Max. The film is directed by Carsten Fiebeler. The production is by Entertainment Factory.

Das andere Kind

In the new ZDF film, Gerhard Wittmann takes on the role of the real estate agent Perzlmaier. Suki Maria Roessel is the director. The film is produced by Network Movie.

Lillys Verschwinden

in the new ZDF two-parter, Regula Grauwiller takes on the role of Bo Eilers. It is produced by Network Movie. Directed by Thomas Berger

Spuren - Der Fall Stefanie B.

In the new Truecrime multi-part Mira Huber is in front of the camera as Britta Schänzle. Sophia Schober can be seen as Sonja Aipperbach. Sebastian Fritz takes on the role of a pub guest. Stefan Krohmer is the director. The film is produced by Lailaps Films.

Lillys Verschwinden

in dem neuen ZDF-Zweiteiler übernimmt Barbara Fock die Rolle der Heike Bischoff. Produziert wird von der Network Movie. Regie führt

Watzmann ermittelt

In the ARD series, Christiane Bärwald takes on the role of Judith Delius, Sophia Schober can be seen as Vevi Wagner. Katharina Leonore Goebel takes on the role of Sophia Strasser. The film is produced by Lucky Bird Pictures. The director is Felix Bärwald.

The Seed

Tödliche Macht
The series celebrates its German premiere at the Filmfest Hamburg. On October 5, the first two episodes will be shown as a special screening at Hapag-Lloyd. The film was directed by Alexander Dierbach.

Familie Anders

Rosarote Brille & Mann Nummer 1

Bernd Burgemeister Fernsehpreis 2023

Tatort München - Schau mich an

Gerhard Wittmann takes on the role of the janitor.directed by Christoph Stark.produced by Bavaria Fiction.

Spatz und Engel

The play tells the story from the first meeting to Piaf's untimely death and Marlene's retreat to her Paris apartment and combines the history of these two world stars with their unforgettable chansons.Ute Willing directs.Performed at the Theater an der Kö.

SOKO Linz - Schlafende Hunde

Sebastian Jehkul takes on the role of Kevin Metz in the new episode produced by Gebhardt Productions on behalf of ORF and ZDF.Directed by Felicitas Korn.

Polizeiruf - Funkensommer

In the new TV series, Gerhard Wittmann takes on the role of Mr. Busch and Stephan Zinner embodies Dennis Eden as always.Produced by Sappralot Productions GmbH.Directed by Alexander Adolph.

München Mord - Nix für Angsthasen & Die indische Methode

In the two new ZDF episodes Christiane Bärwald takes on the role of Mrs. Reisinger,Thomas Schmauser can be seen as Küsbert and Sina Wilke takes on the role of Director Häusler.Matthias Kiefersauer directs and wrote the books together with Alexander Liegl.Produced by TV 60 Filmproduktion GmbH.


Stephan Zinner stars as Thomas Bornemann in the new BR television film, directed by Nicole Weegmann and produced by Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion GmbH.

Grüsse vom Mars

Sarah Winkenstette directs this new feature film about a young boy who suffers from Asperger's syndrome and, after moving to the far north, sees this circumstance as a kind of test run for his next big goal: He wants to travel to Mars.Produced by Leitwolf Filmproduktion GmbH.


In the new ZDF film, Jacob Matschenz takes on the role of Robert Schein.directed by Laura Fischer.produced by good friends Filmproduktions GmbH.

Viktor bringts

The new TV series stars Jacob Matschenz as Paul Brehmer and is directed by Ed Herzog and produced by Real Film.

Watzmann ermittelt

Sebastian Jehkul übernimmt die Rolle Dr. Florian Friedrichs in einer Folge der beliebten Serie. Regie führt John Delbridge.

Inga Lindström - Spinnefeind

Sarah Thonig übernimmt in der aktuellen Produktion von INGA LINDSTRÖM die Rolle der Britta. Regie führt Julia Peters.Produziert wird von der Bavaria Fiction GmbH.

Drehstart für "Landesverräter"

Vor wenigen Tagen fiel die erste Klappe zum historischen Kinospielfilm LANDESVERRÄTER unter der Regie von Michael Krummenacher ("Räuber Hotzenplotz") mit unserem Stefan Gubser.

Rosenheim Cops

Sarah Thonig steht wieder als Christin Lange und Mira Huber als Katja Ostermeier für die 23. Staffel der beliebten ZDF-Serie vor der Kamera.

Tatort mit Pirmin Sedlmeir

Hochamt für Toni
Ein neuer Franken-Tatort ist am Sonntag im Ersten zu sehen. Und alles dreht sich um Marcus - gespielt von unserem Pirmin Sedlmeir. Um ihn herum ermitteln Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs) und Paula Ringelhahn (Dagmar Manzel) unter der Regie von Michael Krummenacher.

Eine Kür, die bleibt

Sina Wilke is shooting for the not-so-classic sports biopic about Kati Witt.

LOST IN FUSETA wird fortgesetzt

Drehstart für ARD-Degeto-Krimireihe mit SPUR DER SCHATTEN (AT) In den Hauptrollen des Zweiteilers: Jan Krauter, Eva Meckbach und Daniel Christensen Regie: Felix Herzogenrath

In aller Freundschaft

In der TV-Reihe übernimmt Christiane Bärwald die Rolle der Veronique König.Produziert wird von der Saxonia Media.

Lena Lorenz

Teresa Rizos steht in der Rolle Annika Vollmer für die ZDF Produktion vor der Kamera.

Marie fängt Feuer

Corinna Binzer übernimmt die Rolle Thea in einer Folge der beliebten ZDF Reihe, es produziert die MadeFor Film.

München Mord

Die indische Methode & Nix für Angsthasen
Matthias Kiefersauer übernimmt die Regie für zwei Folgen der beliebten Serie, auch das Drehbuch für die Folge "Nix für Angshasen" hat er gemeinsam mit Alexander Liegl geschrieben. Es produziert TV60 Filmproduktion für das ZDF.

Watzmann ermittelt

Katharina Goebel steht wieder als Sophia Strasser und Sarah Thonig als Caro Reiser für die Lucky Bird Pictures vor der Kamera.


In der ZDF Reihe ist Hannes Hellmann als Klaas Eickhoff zu sehen.Produziert wird von der Cologne Film.Regie führt Alexander Costea.

The Seed

celebrates the world premiere at the 62nd Festival De Television De Monte-Carlo and is also nominated as "Best Series". Congratulations to Alexander Dierbach (director) and the whole team.

Der Bozen Krimi

Folge 19+20
Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart ist wieder als Peter Kerschbaumer mit von der Partie. Produziert wird von Jojo Film für ARD/Degeto.