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Heppeler Agency Team

Sabrina Boeck was born 1997 in Schwabach (Franconia). She completed an apprenticeship in business administration and gained several years of professional experience before pursuing her interest in the film and television business by completing numerous internships, including one at Warner Bros. International Television Germany in Cologne. She joined the Heppeler Agency in 2019. Sabrina Boeck moved to Munich in early 2020 and, as of March 1, 2022, took over the agency.

Franziska Brosien was born 1981 in Munich. After graduating from high school, she completed her professional training at a large publishing house in Munich. She worked in the company’s marketing department for nine years and was responsible for a range of activities including events, press and writers management. In 2010 she joined the Heppeler Agency as a permanent member of the team. Franziska Pöschl-Brosien lives near Munich with her husband and their four children.

Miriam Drippe was born 1985 in Dachau. After graduating from high school, she completed the training to become a graphic designer. She spent several years in Togo, where she worked in the construction business working as an administrative assistant. Upon her returned to Germany, she gained additional experience working as an administrative assistant for another four years. Miriam Drippe lives in Munich and has been a permanent member of the Heppeler Agency since November 2021.

Ina Furth was born 1978 in Munich where she completed her professional training in the trade and commerce field and spent four years working as a product manager for a large online sports retailer. After spending several years in the gastronomy sector and an extended stay abroad her path led her to the Heppeler Agency. She has been a permanent member of the Heppeler Agency team since 2019. Ina Furth lives in the heart of Munich.

Dr. Marlis Heppeler was born 1954 in Sigmaringen. She studied hotel management and worked at her parents' hotel for six years. During that time she spent extended periods of time in France, Italy and Spain, to hone her language skills. Eventually she decided to attend medical school. After graduating from Munich's prestigious LMU, Ludwig Maximilians University, with a specialty in dermatology, she worked in medical research for five years before she decided to broaden her horizons again. As a guest student, she attended producing classes at Munich's HFF (Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film), worked as a dialogue coach for a television production company and joined a talent agency before starting her own, the HEPPELER AGENCY, in April 1994. On March 1, 2022, Dr. Marlis Heppeler-Fuchs handed over her responsibilities to Sabrina Boeck but will remain involved in a consulting capacity. Dr. Marlis Heppeler-Fuchs is married and lives in Munich.


The Heppeler Agency

The Heppeler Agency was founded in 1994 by Marlis Heppeler, initially only representing film, television and theater actors. By 1995, the Heppeler Agency began adding directors and writers and in the years to follow cinematographers to its growing client roster. The Heppeler Agency assists its clients in all areas of their collaborations with production entities. This entails facilitating introductions to potential partners, offering conceptual career advice, assisting during project selection, procuring assignments and scheduling as well as contract negotiation and execution.

As of March 1, 2022, Sabrina Boeck, took over the Heppeler Agency, including all managerial duties. Dr. Marlis Heppeler-Fuchs remains on board in the coming years taking on the role of a strategic consultant. The trusted name, AGENTUR HEPPELER, and the experienced team remain in place.

This generational change combines the experience gathered and networks established over the decades with the determination and a spirit of optimism as the agency heads into the future. The team around Sabrina Boeck includes Franziska Brosien, Miriam Drippe, Ina Furth and, in an advisory capacity, Dr. Marlis Heppeler-Fuchs.

This wide range of activities demands a great deal of time and attention and requires a tremendous amount of resilience and empathy as well as excellent negotiation skills. The excellent collaboration and communication skills of our five team members ensure a smooth process in the various areas.

Great teamwork and superior internal communication guarantee a professional and timely handling of all matters, while making it all appear seamless and effortless. The team around Sabrina Boeck consists of Franziska Brosien, Miriam Drippe, Ina Furth and Marlis Heppeler.