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On 22 September, Lars Jessen's new film opens in cinemas nationwide. Also in it: Ole Fischern


Lars Jessen received the Guild Television Award for his current film. This was awarded in the category "best film national".


The short film won the Student Oscar. Christiane Bärwald plays LAURA GREIF

Und ihr schaut zu

This dramatic film premieres at this year's Filmfest Hamburg on Oct. 3. Christiane Bärwald takes on the role of Mara Giebert.

Das Boot

Stefan Murr has taken a role in the 4th season of DAS BOOT. He will be seen here in the role of LOTHAR. The filming is already finished.

Der Bestatter

Mona Petri takes over the role of Sonja Lardelli. Producer ist snakefilm GmbH.

Servus Baby 3

At 29./30.10. at the Internationalen Hofer Filmtagen 2022 SERVUS BABY 3 is shown. Actors: Felix Hellmann, Teresa Rizos und Xenia Tiling

Pulled Pork

Despina Pajanou takes over the role of Olympia. Producer is Samsara Filmproduktion.

Oma ihr klein Häuschen

In the ZDF production, Sina Wilke takes on the role of a young woman.Produced by all-in production.

Die Rosenheim Cops

Mira Huber takes over the role of Katja Ostermeier. Producer is Bavaria Fiction.

Oma ihr klein Häuschen

In the ZDF production, David Baalcke takes on the role of the paramedic.Produced by all-in production.

Bring mich nach Hause

The TV movie "Bring Me Home", directed by Christiane Balthasar, has won the Seoul Drama Award 2022, in the category: Best TV Feature Film. Congratulations!

Die Bürgermeisterin

This gripping ZDF film premieres at Filmfest Hamburg on October 3. It is directed by Christiane Balthasar.

Ich bin raus

In the new 2-person play of the Altstadttheater Ingolstadt, Tommy Schwimmer can be seen on stage as a therapist.

Grünwald Freitagscomedy

Sarah Thonig will be featured in the BR format.


Sophia Schober takes over the role of Maja in the new production of Westside.

Schweigend steht der Wald

with Johanna Bittenbinder will be shown at the 5 Lakes Festival. Theatrical release is 10/27/22

Kafana Na Balkanu

Luis Lüps takes over the role of Mark at the College project. Regisseur is Boris Gavrilovic.


MITTAGSSTUNDE a film of Lars Jessen starts in the cinema at 22.09.22. Also on board Ole Fischer.

Soko Köln

Hannes Hellmann plays the role of Jupp Krefeld in the 21st season of Soko Köln. is produced by the Network Movie.

Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen

Peter Stauch is a member of the jury for the Jury Prize German Academy for Television Section Directing 2022

Der Alte

Anna Grisebach takes on the role of Renate Rudolph in an episode of the ZDF series, directed by Axel Barth.Produced by Neue Münchner Fernsehproduktion.

Sweet Disaster

SWEET DISASTER will be in cinemas nationwide from August 11th, 2022. Friederike Kempter takes on the leading role of Frida.


Max Schmidt takes over the role of Hias Lechner. Regisseur is Daniel Alvarenga.

Der Alte

Sebastian Winkler is shooting for the ZDF series, directed by Axel Bath.

Ostsee für Sturköppe

Joana Vogdt leads the direction for the Sabotage Films production.


The TV series is directed by Ole Zapatka and produced by Molina Film.


in the cinema from 04.08.2022
The new Eberhofer film also features Gerhard Wittmann as Leopold Eberhofer, Stephan Zinner as Simmerl and Max Schmidt as Wolfi.


On August 5, the new film by Alireza Golafshan will be available for home cinema. Teresa Rizos has taken on the role of Anna. Pirmin Sedlmeir can be seen in the role of DJ.

Endlich Witwer 3

Friederike Kempter takes over the role of Susanne Weiser. Producer is Bavaria Fiction.

Der Pass 3

In the third season of the TV series DER PASS, Michou Friesz plays the role of Dr. Ulrike Koenig. Produced by Epofilm.

Liebe kennt keinen Unterschied

The two-part ZDF production is directed by Peter Stauch. It is produced by ndF.

Watzmann ermittelt

Sepp Schauer takes on the role of Alois Rittler in the current episode of WATZMANN ERMITTELT. Produced by Lucky Bird Pictures.

Im Zeichen des Wassermanns

Sebastian Fritz takes on the role of Mäx in the ARD television production. The film is produced by Constantin Television GmbH and directed by Alain Gsponer.

Akiko, der fliegende Affe

Rudolf Krause takes on the role of police officer Fred in the AKIKO project. Produced by Veit Helmer film production.

Ich bin Dagobert

Clelia Sarto takes on the role of Arno's mother in the project ICH BIN DAGOBERT. It is produced by Zeitsprung.

Tatort Franken - Hochamt für Toni

The new crime "Tatort Franken - Hochamt für Toni" is produced by X-Filme. Pirmin Sedlmeir takes on the role of Marcus Borchert.

Die Bergretter

Ines Honsel plays in the current episode of BERGRETTER. She takes on the role of Simone Hassler. Produced by NDF.

Frühling 41

Stafanie von Poser takes on the role of Lydia in "Frühling 41- Das Mädchen hinter der Tür." Produced by Seven Dogs Film.

Himmel, Herrgott, Sakrament

David Baalcke takes on the role of Lucas Schreiber in the current production HIMMEL, HERRGOTT, SAKRAMENT by Maze Pictures.

Meine Mutter und die Gerüchteküche

In der ARD Reihe übernimmt Hannes Hellmann die Rolle des Mathias Lange.Regie führt Bettina Schoeller Bouju.Produziert wird von der Bantry Bay.

Himmel, Herrgott, Sakrament

Stephan Zinner plays the lead role Hans Reiser. The film is directed by Franz X. Bogner and produced by Maze Pictures.

Hubert und Staller

Hubert ohne Staller
Teresa Rizas takes on the role of Leni Falk in the current episode of HUBERT UND STALLER. It is produced by Entertainment Factory.

Tatort München

Corinna Binzer is shooting for the Bavaria Fiction production, directed by Lancelot von Naso.

Jenseits der Spree

Etienne Heimann schreibt für die ZDF Reihe, die Drehbücher Einsam sterben und Adrenalin.

Tender Hearts

Friederike Kempter finished the shooting of the Sky serie TENDER HEARTS. Producer is Odeon Fiction

The Search

Emre Erkmen is the camera man at the Disney project THE SEARCH Produced by Aydis Film ve Yapim A.Ş.

Inga Lindström

Die Liebe der Anderen
Sebastian Winkler takes on the role of Gustav Sundelius in the current production of INGA LINDSTRÖM. It is produced by Bavaria.

Die Chefin

Emilia Rupperti takes over the role of "Jasmin Kagerbaier" in the actual episode of DIE CHEFIN. Producer is Network Movie

Die Rosenheim Cops

Christian Lex takes over the role of Alfred Kraglinger in the ROSENHEIM COPS. Producer is Bavaria.

Jenseits der Spree

Laura Tonke takes on the role of Daniela Bajetzky in the second season of the TV series JENSEITS DER SPREE. It is produced by Network Movie.

Rosamunde Pilcher

Liebe ist die beste Therapie
Regula Grauwiller takes over the role of Eve Burton. Producer is FFP.


The comedy at Bayrischer Hof presents the theater EXTRAWURST. Gerhard Wittmann takes over the role of Dr. Heribert Bräsemann.


Martin Walch takes over the role of Stöhrwirt at RIESENDING. Producer is Senator Film.

Grimme-Preis 2022

Die Ibiza Affäre with Stefan Murr as Bastian Obermayer wins the Grimme Award in fiction.

Daheim in den Bergen

Ole Fischer takes on the role of Michael Wenninger in the TV series DAHEIM IN DEN BERGEN. It is produced by Westside Film Production.

Zimmer mit Stall

David Baalcke takes on the role of Quirin Burger in the TV series ZIMMER MIT STALL. It is produced by Roxy Film.

Tatort Frankfurt - Kontrollverlust

Atef Vogel plays the role of Alexander Neusinn in the TV series TATORT FRANKFURT. The thriller will be broadcast on HR.


The filming of JUPITER begins. It is produced by Dreifilm. Laura Tonke takes on the role of "Barbara".

Kranitz - Bei Trennung Geld zurück

Laura Tonke plays Astrid in the Florida Film production. The TV series will be broadcast on ARD.

Ein Sommer auf Kreta

Despina Pajanou is in the middle of filming EIN SOMMER AUF KRETA. She plays the role of "Sofia". Ariane Krampe Film produces the TV series for ZDF

Marie fängt Feuer

Sebastian Fritz takes on the role of the village policeman in the current episodes of MARIE FÄNGT FEUER. Made For Film produces for ZDF.

Die Rosenheim Cops

In der ZDF Serie übernimmt Roland Schreglmann die Rolle des Ludwig Reichl. Produziert wird von der Bavaria Fiction.

Meine Mutter und die Gerüchteküche

In the popular ARD Degeto series, Hannes Hellmann takes on the role of Mathias Lange. Bettina Schoeller Boujou directs the series, which is produced by Bantry Bay.

Sterben lernen

Gottfried Breitfuss begins filming STERBEN LERNEN. A production of Heimatfilm Köln. He takes on the role of PAWEL KAISER

The Seed

Filming for the TV series has started. Alexander Dierbach is directing. It is being filmed on behalf of ARD/Degeto.

Die Rosenheim Cops

Gerhard Wittmann will soon take on the role of Karli Schlickenrieder in the ZDF series. The film is produced by Bavaria Fiction.

Unterm Apfelbaum

Watzmann ermittelt

Roland Schreglmann has an episode role at WATZMANN ERMITTELT

Der Bozen Krimi

Folge 17+18
Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart is back as Peter Kerschbaumer. The film is produced by MERFEE Film-und Fernsehproduktion GmbH for ARD/Degeto.


Filming for SEELAND begins in May and Pirmin Sedlmeir takes on the role of "Jackie"

Marie fängt Feuer

Stefan Murr is in front of the camera for two more episodes of the ZDF series.

Morden im Norden

In the ARD series, Bernd Tauber takes on the role of Joachim Wegmann. Tanja Roitzheim is the director. The series is produced by ndF Berlin.

Hubert ohne Staller

Tommy Schwimmer takes on the role of Anton Lengstätter in the popular ARD series. The series is produced by Entertainment Factory.

In Wahrheit - Blind vor Liebe

Rudolf Kowalski is playing Markus Zerner.

Die Chefin

Sophia Schober will start filming "Die Chefin" in April. She plays the role of Tina Weber.

Filmfestival Cannes 2022

Der neue Film von Marie Kreutzer Marie Kreutzer's new film "Corsage" is showing at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Stefan Murr has taken on the small role "Graf von Holnstein".

Und ihr schaut zu

Christiane Bärwald will start filming "Und ihr schaut zu" in April. She plays the role of Mara Giebert

Bettys Diagnose

Patrick Mölleken is playing Mark Hanke.

Der Kaiser

Bavaria Fiction is filming the life of Franz Beckenbauer on behalf of Sky Studios. Teresa Rizos, Stefan Murr, Heinz-Josef Braun and Roland Schreglmann are in front of the camera. Tim Trageser is the director.

Die Whistleblowerin

Clelia Sarto plays the role of Tessa Thieme in the ZDF film, which is directed by Elmar Fischer and produced by Real Film.


Xenia Tiling übernimmt die Rolle der Nicole Gäbler.

Die Rosenheim Cops

Dieter Fischer is again shooting for the ZDF-series, produced by Bavaria Fiction.

Winfried Frey übernimmt die Doppelrolle Peter/ Thomas Lengstätter in einer Folge der beliebten ARD-Serie. Es produziert Entertainment Factory.

Ein Sommer auf Langeoog

Soko Stuttgart

Süßer Tod
Thomas Bahmann und Ralf Hertwig schreiben erneut eine Folge für die beliebte ZDF-Reihe, es produziert Bavaria Fiction.

Tender Hearts

In Berlin haben die Dreharbeiten für die außergewöhnliche Romantic Comedy TENDER HEARTS begonnen. Friederike Kempter spielt die Hauptrolle

Wilsberg - Ein Detektiv und Gentleman

Im März haben die Dreharbeiten zu WILSBERG begonnen. Regula Grauwiller spielt Cornelia Kaiser.