Heppeler Agency

International Talent and Literary Agency

Personal data

foreign languages: foreign languages: english, french
dialects: different austrian dialects
sports: sports: skiing
musical instruments: harmonica, guitar
driving licence: driving licence: car and tractor


Wanda, mein Wunder
Jacob Matschenz and Gottfried Breitfuß are shooting for the Zodiac Pictures production, directed by Bettina Oberli.

Gottfried Breitfuß

Awards & Distinctions (Selection)

2003: Brand
Bayerischer Theaterpreis

Recent projects (Selection)

2019: Saupreissn - Der Passau Krimi
Television · Regie: Maurice Hübner
Hager Moss | BR / Degeto

2019: Wanda, mein Wunder
Movie · Regie: Bettina Oberli
Zodiac Pictures

2017: Tatort Luzern Festivalfieber
Television · Regie: Dany Levy
Hugo Film | SRF

2017: Der Trafikant
Movie · Regie: Nikolaus Leytner
Epo Film

2016: Papa Moll
Movie · Regie: Manuel Flurin Hendry
Zodiac Pictures




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