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Die Rosenheim Cops - Winter Special

Mörderische Gesellschaft
Dieter Fischer is shooting again for the Bavaria Fiction Production.

Ach du scheiße

Friederike Kempter is shooting for the Neopolfilm Produktion.


Laura Tonke is shooting for the Red Balloon Film Produktion. The direction leads Laura Schroeder.

SOKO Hamburg

Ole Zapatka leads the direction, produced by Network Movie

In aller Freundschaft

Katharina Lang will write the script for episode 975 of this ARD series.

Hubert ohne Staller

Angela Ascher takes on the role of Bianca Simlinger in the ARD series. It is produced by Entertainment Factory. The director is Carsten Fiebeler.

Zurück auf Eis

Stephan Zinner is shooting for the Construction Films, directed by Hanno Olderidssen.

Der Bergdoktor - Winterspecial

Franziska Margarete Hoenisch leads the direction, produced by ndF Production.

Tatort Köln

Hubertys Rache
Hannes Hellmann will play the role of Rainer Piontek in the ARD series. The director is Marcus Weiler


On Saturday, September 13, the film "DER MANN DER DIE WELT Aß" by Johannes Suhm will be shown at the HoF Filmtage Rendezvous. Hannes Hellmann embodies the role of the father in this unique film. Ticket is available here:

Die Fallers

Thomas Meinhardt is shooting for the SWR-series.

Neben der Spur

Barbara Focke will play the role of Maria Jessen in the ZDF series. The director is Josef Rusnak

"Naked Animals" a Favorite for the German Film Critics Award 2020

Melanie Waeldes debut film "Naked Animals" receives four nominations in the categories: Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film Debut, Best Actress (Marie Tragousti), Best Picture Design

"Too Far Away" nominated as Best Children's Film

"Too Far Away" by Sarah Winkenstette is nominated for the German Film Critics' Award in the category best children's film.


Season 2
Angela Ascher is once again in front of the camera for the popular BR series "Fraueng'schichten - Season 2" from Constantin Entertainment.


Sarah Winkenstette leads the direction for the Lieblingsfilm production.

"Ich und die Anderen" bei Berlinale Series

The six-part satire "Ich und die Anderen" by David Schalkos will be seen at the "Berlinale Series". Our Clelia Sarto was in front of the camera for this project.

Check Check

Ole Fischer takes over the role "Dronk" in the 3rd season "Check Check". This is again produced by Florida Film, directed by Lars Jessen.

Sturm der Liebe

Sepp Schauer is shooting for Bavaria Fernsehproduktion in munich.