Heppeler Agency

International Talent and Literary Agency


In aller Freundschaft

Die jungen Ärzte
Eckhard Preuß will take on the role of Holger Lehmann in the ARD series. It will be produced by Saxonia Media.

Legal Affairs

Jacob Matschenz is shooting for UFA Fiction in Berlin.

Sturm der Liebe

Sepp Schauer is shooting for Bavaria Fernsehproduktion in munich.

Nie zu spät

Ines Honsel und Roland Schreglmann are shooting for the ARD production, directed by Tomy Wiegand.

Wilder IV

Regula Grauwiller is shooting for C-Films in switzerland.


Der Himmel muss warten
Anna Grisebach takes on the role of Frau Bremus, Rudolf Krause takes the role of Herrn Michal in the ZDF series, it produces the polyphony, directed by Kerstin Ahlrich. Timo Moritz takes over the camera.