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Notruf Hafenkante

In the ZDF series, Atef Vogel takes on the role of Andreas Wolf. The director is Dietmar Klein. The series is produced by Letterbox Filmproduktion.


In the cinema production, Laura Tonke takes on the role of Claudia. Laura Lackmann is the director. The film is produced by Constantin. KINOSTART is on 23.12.

Daheim in den Bergen

In the ARD series, Eckhard Preuß takes on the role of Dr. Eder. Markus Imboden directs the series, which is produced by Westside Filmproduktion.

Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2021

On September 16, the German Television Award will be presented again! We are very happy about the nominations with participation of our clients: FÜR IMMER SOMMER 90 in the category BEST TELEVISION FILM Director: Lars Jessen and Jan Georg Schütte / Production: Florida Film I Lars Jessen and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf / Screenplay: Charly Hübner, Lars Jessen, Jan Georg Schütte DAS LETZTE WORT in the category BEST COMEDY SERIES Screenplay: Carolina Zimmermann and others / Production: Pantaleon Films / Netflix KU'DAMM 63 in the category BEST MUSIC FICTION Music: Karim Sebastian Elias / Production: UFA Fiction / Channel: ZDF OKTOBERFEST 1900 in the category BEST MULTI-PARTY Script: a.o. Christian Lex / Angela Ascher as head waitress Johanna, Stefanie von Poser as Anita Augspurk, Christian Lex as Schottenhamel / broadcaster: ARD/BR/Degeto/WDR/MDR / production: Zeitsprung Pictures/Violet Pictures/Amalia Film/Maya Production We keep our fingers crossed for you! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Deutscher Schauspielpreis

Laura Tonke wurde mit dem deutschen Schauspielpreis ausgezeichnet! Diesen erhielt sie für ihre Leistung bei POLIZEIRUF 110: DER VERURTEILTE in der Kategorie "Schauspielerin in einer Nebenrolle". Wir gratulieren Dir, liebe Laura!

Die Rosenheim Cops

Kathrin Anna Stahl is shotting for the ZDF-series, directed by Werner Siebert.

Die Rosenheim Cops

Sepp Schauer is shotting for the series, produced by Bavaria Fiction. The direction leads Werner Siebert.

Die Rosenheim-Cops

David Baalcke is shooting for the TV-series.

Kommissar Dupin

Bretonische Idylle
Anna Grisebach is shooting for the ARD production, directed by Janis Rattenni.

Black Box

Emre Erkmen directs the camera in the ZDF production. The director is Asli Özge. The film is produced by Zeitsprung.


In the new Amazon series, David Baalcke takes on the role of the suitor Udo. Directed by Laura Lackmann and Stefan Lukacs.Produced by NEUENSUPER.

Völlig Meschugge?!

In the ZDF production, Gerhard Wittmann takes on the role of Hans-Peter Engel and Stefanie von Poser the role of Claudia Bürger.The production is directed by Frank Stoye and produced by Tellux.

Wer gräbt den Bestatter ein?

Teresa Rizos is shooting for Schmidbauer-Film.

Marie fängt Feuer

Folge 15 + 16
Stefan Murr is in front of the camera for the next two parts of the ZDF series. The director is Katrin Schmidt.