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Taunuskrimi: Muttertag

Christiane Bärwald und Pirmin Sedlmeir are shooting for ZDF and UFA Fiction.

Tatort Stuttgart

Die Nacht der Kommissare
Rilana Nitsch is shooting for SWR.

Soko Stuttgart

4 Folgen
Franziska Margarete Hoenisch leads the direction, produced by Bavaria Fiction.

Nord bei Nordwest

Wilde Hunde

Der Club der toten Dichter

3 Frauen, 1 Auto

Angela Ascher is shooting for the Bavaria Fiction production,

In aller Freundschaft

In the ARD series, Sophia Schober takes on the role of Juliane Kling. It is directed by Susanne Böing and produced by Saxonia Media.

Jenseits der Spree

In the ZDF film, Clelia Sarto takes on the role of Miriam Bussow. The film is directed by Marcus Ulbricht and produced by Studio Zentral.

Das Streben nach Glück

In the BR 3 part, Christiane Bärwald takes on the role of Laura and Stefan Murr of Sascha The film is directed by Michael Hofmann and produced by diefilm.

Taunuskrimi: Muttertag

Felix Herzogenrath is directing the TV production. It is produced by UFA Fiction GmbH.

SOKO Hamburg

Ole Zapatka leads the direction, produced by Network Movie